How to use Lumy™ Magnetic Lashes


Start by carefully removing the magnetic eyelashes from their packaging. Use your thumb and index finger or an eyelash applicator to handle them gently. This approach helps maintain the shape of the lashes and prevents unnecessary strain.

Be sure to avoid pulling directly on the lashes or the magnetic strips, as rough handling can lead to damage and weaken their magnetic hold.


When placing the magnetic eyelashes on the applicator, it's crucial to position them correctly.

When using the applicator, ensure it's oriented correctly with the "up" and "down" markings. Place the magnetic lashes inside, making sure the magnets face away to prevent sticking. Ensure the curvature of the lashes points upwards towards the inside of the applicator for a secure fit along your lash line.


Once the lashes are positioned in the applicator, gently place it on your eyelid and apply slight pressure. This action allows the magnets to connect, securing the lashes to your natural ones seamlessly.

To remove them, delicately grasp the lashes at their center between your thumb and index finger, then gently pull them away.



Why are my lashes not coming off the applicator?

Ensure the lashes are pointing towards the "V" of the applicator. This alignment helps the magnets disengage properly when removing the lashes.

How do I align the magnets correctly on the applicator?

Make sure the magnets are visible and properly lined up on the applicator. Both sets of lashes should point towards the "V" of the applicator.

What can I do if the lashes won't click together?

If the lashes do not click together, try flipping them around. They might be positioned incorrectly. Check the alignment of the magnets.

How can I tell if the magnets are facing the wrong direction?

Ensure you can see the magnet on the back side of the lash. Place the lash on the correct part of the applicator that says "up."

How do I remove the lashes without damaging them?

For removal, gently use your thumb and index finger to push them apart. Push your thumb towards your eye and your index finger away from your eye to separate the lashes.